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Visual Arts

Welcome to our digital exhibition space.

We will show work created in Drawing, Painting, Intermediate Art & Design, AP Art & Design, Photography, & Film.

Art is thought made visible. It making engages the mind, soul, and technology. Art is not easy: it is a mirror of its time. The artist is not only called upon to see the world around her and notice something not apparent to others but must also create a work of art that clearly communicates what she feels or sees. Artists are disruptive innovators, who propel change, and move cultures forward.

However, one cannot disrupt ethically without being informed and critical. The artist must be observant not only of the world around her but also of her tools and method. They go deep. They are critical, though they do not judge. It is the work that receives the scrutiny, not the person. Artists are comfortable with ambiguity. They do not define quickly, but rather they contemplate and wonder to arrive at the timeless.

The Visual Arts students at NDA get a glimpse of what it takes to make art. The process with all its frustrations, false starts, trial and errors, and unexpected turns teaches them the six Cs – 21st Century lifelong skills that will translate to any of their future endeavors.

As they progress with their artworks, photographs, or films, students must problem-solve, research, analyze, and manage their schedules, which is critical thinking-and-doing. Creativity is involved at every turn, finding the “best fit” for design solutions or storytelling.

The art students are discovering how to communicate, through media and images, their thoughts and feelings to a diverse audience within and without the classroom to engender cross-cultural understanding.

All art students use the internet for research and learning. They learn sophisticated software from Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, to InDesign, After Effects and Premier Pro. Computing. They are learning essential skills for college and career. It is not easy, and it is time-consuming but, more importantly, it is rewarding.

Through the process students gain tolerance for the unknown and trust that they will be able to solve problems through being present and engaged.

There has not been a better and more important time to move the message of love and authenticity than today. There is no time like the present for our students to communicate their voices to move society forward.

We live in a global community. The hope is that everyone fosters the artist within themselves.

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AP Digital submission FINAL (2020年5月28日
AP Digital submission FINAL (2020年5月28日

Digital Media

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