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AP Art & Design

Why Create Art?


Art takes time, patience, and practice not to mention an idea that hopefully is compelling. It all starts with an inquiry, and lots of questions. What if…, I am wondering.., what materials would be best to communicate…, how do I use color…, what is missing…, why does it not look like I thought it would? The new AP Art and Design curriculum has students start with an inquiry that takes turns as they respond to their own work. The students document their process and produce more questions to further their practice. Practice, Experimentation, and Revision, the process of art.

AP 3D Art & Design

The following sculptures were created in September using found materials, discarded and repurposed.

Milla explains her process in developing her AP 2D Art & Design, Spring 2020

This video was created for our Annual Art Assembly that did not happen last spring.

Milla Art and DesignVirtual Art show. (Apr 8 2020 at 2_31 PM)
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Qingyun M, AP 2D Art & Design, 2020

Qingyun explores the relationship between man and animal in her powerful sustained investigation. 

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